Monday, October 1, 2007

Post Three

The overall theme of my paragraph was protecting the environment. People are worried about the daily oil consumption around the world. Also, In the future, oil will play an important role in the world. More oil will by the same as more power.

Studies show that Central America has lost 2/3's of its forests in the last 30 years due to rising population. Deforestation is causing many environmental problems: soil erosion, not enough water, and even climate changes. Major storms have caused much more damage to the land without the shelter of the many trees that had existed in the area. Much of Central America's land is hilly and mountainous. Without the trees holding down the land, a lot of the soil has eroded. Many people are recommending that deforestation be addressed.


America consumes 21 million barrels of oil a day, a forth of the world total. China’s oil demand is increasing quickly and is second with 6.4 barrels of oil a day. Rising oil prices should lower the demand, but for rich countries, people with growing incomes are able to afford the oil. Big companies are unwilling to find new oil, buying and selling reserves from other companies, thus escalating the prices even more. In the future, countries may become stronger or weaker depending on their amount of oil. People should help out by being more conservative.

I picked this article, because the picture reminded me of a detective office. It caught my eye, and I thought it would be interesting.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

My First Post

Hi, my name is Jennifer. I'm a high school student living in Iowa and loving it for what it's worth. I'm 15 at the moment, but my birthday's coming up next month, which I'm pretty psyched about. In my household, there are three cats, a guinea pig, and some decaying fish. The cats are good friends of the guinea pig. The fish just float. We also have some plants by the window, which I'm convinced are dead, but my dad insists on watering them. Whatever makes him happy, I guess. There's an apple tree in the back yard too, which occasionally sprouts an apple. Then a squirrel comes and throws it onto the ground after taking a bite. I've never actually tried one, but it can't be good, right? All in all, I wouldn't change a single thing.